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2016 Columban Calendars - $10.00

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2016 Daily Mass Calendars - $3.00

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For donations made in a tax year you can claim the lesser of:
33.33% (one-third) of the total donations you’ve made, or
33.33% of your taxable income.
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26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

25th September 2016

This Sunday:  
Amos 6:1,4-7 : Psalm 146 : 1 Tim.6:11-16 : Luke 16:19-31
Next Sunday:   Habakkuk.1:2-3,2:2-4 : Psalm 95 : 2 Tim.1:6-8,13-14 : Luke 17:5-10

This week in the parish....

Mon 26 7.30pm Meditation, St Francis
  7.30pm Meditation, St John’s
Tues 27 10.00am Parish Ladies’ Coffee Group, Hall
  7.00pm St Francis Prayer Group
  7.30pm Catholic Enquiry Evening, St John’s meeting room
Wed 28 9.00am Rosary Prayers, St John’s
  1.00pm Indoor Bowls, Hall
  5.30pm Meditation, St Francis
  7.00pm Discipleship School, Hall
Thurs 29 4.00pm Meditation, St John’s

The Gospel today reminds us of the gaps that exist between
the rich and the poor, the powerful and those who have little power.
Catholic social teaching challenges us to allow the Word and spirit of God
to help us bridge the gaps that divide people in our world.

The Word of God: Alive and Active

Next Friday, 30 September, the Church honours St Jerome, a 4th century saint, the most famous scripture scholar in Church history. Jerome translated almost the whole bible into Latin, the common language of the people at the time. He knew Hebrew, the language of the Old Testament, and Greek, the language of the New, and so was able to make the bible available in Latin to the wider population.
This translation, called the Vulgate (from the Latin ‘vulgus’ meaning ‘the people’), has evolved into the ‘New Vulgate’, the official Catholic version of the bible.

In time Latin ceased to be widely understood, and so gradually the bible was translated into other languages. The 15th century invention of the printing press meant bibles became much more available. But after the Reformation the Catholic Church resisted putting the bible into the hands of ordinary people lest they misinterpret its meaning. Only in the last fifty years since the 2nd Vatican Council (1962-65) have Catholics heard the scriptures proclaimed in the liturgy and been encouraged to read the bible. We have been learning to embrace the bible as God’s Word, spoken to us and meaningful for us in daily living.
For the bible to truly make its home within us, one key Vatican II teaching needs to be grasped: that in the liturgy, when the scriptures are proclaimed, God is really speaking to us - that God’s Spirit is truly present, revealing the mystery of God to us in the words we hear.

As Catholics I think we have been inclined to be products of our recent history, stressing the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, but tending to see his presence in the Word, in the assembly and in the priest presiding as ‘optional extras’.
In the next few weeks, when those who are interested in becoming Catholic begin to be more involved in our liturgy, we will have the chance to appreciate better the significance of God’s Word shaping our Christian lives.

God bless you all.
Fr Pat

Sacramental Programme:
A reminder to parents that enrolments close on 1 October 2016.

    Children who have turned 8 or are turning 8 before the end of October 2016 may be enrolled in the programme.
  • Enrolment forms are available from the church foyers or the school office, or by e-mailing Claire Buckley,
  • All enrolment forms need to be completed by then, including baptism details.
  • Please check that your child can attend ALL the sessions, as these are compulsory. A timetable of the course is also available from Claire.
  • Any questions phone Claire on (09) 420 4045.
We are still looking for leaders for both the children and the parent groups. Full training and material provided as well as a lot of support from the team. Please contact Claire if you are able to assist.

Pope Francis

Care of Creation Season
We are presently witnessing a disturbing warming of our climatic system.  … Humanity is called to recognise the need for changes of lifestyle, production and consumption, in order to combat this warming … LS#23

Let us replace consumption with sacrifice; greed with generosity; wastefulness with a spirit of sharing. LS #9
Let us reflect on what changes we need to make to our lifestyles?
Suggestions:  reduce travel and meat consumption, buy for our needs not wants, compost, recycle, plant trees, fish responsibly, ..

We pray ...
We pray for all the sick in our community including Terry Gooding, Ray Kearney, Pat Gregory, Pat Hilliar, Jim Moran, Tracey Campbell, Lesley O’Connor and Inge Parker.
We pray for the recently deceased including Pierre Smeets, Bernice Hawke, Marie Lorrigan, Paul Hair and Frank Martinovich. We pray for those whose anniversaries occur at this time including Eril Taylor.

Know and Understand Yourself and Others!!!
A 90 minute personality seminar by Iris Barrow. Based on her new book of this title, and the teaching of this topic to businesses and the private sector for 20 years. Learn about your strengths, potential and areas yet to be addressed. To be held in the parish hall on Tuesday 18 October, 7.30pm.
Notes will be given out - bring a pen. Individuals, couples and families are encouraged to attend.
To book phone Iris Barrow - (09) 421 1927.

Thank you
Thank you to those who assisted at the recent working bees at St John’s and St Francis’ churches. It was a great effort by all and much was achieved!

Thank you for your contributions to the following appeals:

    St Patrick’s Cathedral - $1,680.00
    Maori Pastoral Care - $441.00

Trivial Pursuit
At the time of printing the newsletter there were only 10 seats available for the Trivial Pursuit evening in the parish hall on Saturday 15 October, 7pm. If you would like to book phone Ken Cook today on 427 9106.
Tickets are $5.00 per person, payable at the door. There will be prizes for the best teams and spot prizes throughout the evening. Bring your own food and drink. Tea, coffee, chips, nuts and glassware will be provided.
This is a purely social event and any surplus funds will go into the food bank.

New Parishioners’ Lunch:
The Care and Share team are hosting a lunch for new parishioners on Sunday 30 October, 11.30am in the parish hall.
Invitations have been mailed to families who have registered in the parish since 1/1/2016. Parish roll forms are available in the foyer.
If you are a new parishioner and have not yet registered, please complete a form so we can include you on the invitation list.

Parish Ladies Coffee Group ...
All ladies are welcome to join us for a cuppa and social time in the parish hall on Tuesday 27 September at 10am. Enq. Marie Carswell, 426 3054.

The Laudato Si
‘Care for our Common Home’ study group will pause for the school holidays.
The next meeting will be on Thursday 13 October at 7.30pm in the parish hall.

Flat to rent, HBC area, reasonable rate.
Contact Doug, 021 311859.

Men of Prayer of the Hibiscus Coast Churches
Meet on Monday 3 October at the Orewa Baptist Church, 2-4 Loop Rd, Orewa at 7pm. Prayer, praise & worship and a shared meal to conclude.
Contact Graeme, 428 7424.

Headlines from the latest
issue of NZ Catholic:
  • Hospitality key to interfaith relations.
  • Migrant report serious says Minister. NZ
  • Catholic features in press awards.
  • Giving thanks for St Mother Teresa

NZ Catholic Newspaper - $4.00
Get yours at the back of the church

Auckland Youth Ministry:
To find out about all the events and activities that are happening in our region visit

Thinking of Becoming Catholic?
Enquiry Evenings for people interested in becoming Catholic are being held on Tuesdays at 7.30pm in St John’s meeting room, Orewa.
Interested folk who are not Catholic are most welcome to contact Fr Pat or the parish office by phone (09 426 5599) or email ( or for more information, or to express interest.
Parishioners are encouraged to let family or friends know about these evenings.

The Transitus of St Francis, 3 October:
You are all invited to join the Secular Franciscans in celebrating the commemoration of the death of St Francis of Assisi.
This short moving ceremony will take place on Monday 3 October at 7pm in St John’s Church, with refreshments in the hall afterwards.

Feast of St Francis, 4 October:
Mass at St John’s Church at 9.30am, followed by morning tea in the hall.

Automated External Defibrillator Training:

Scott Lewis, a St John NZ First Aid Trainer, will be training people who would like to know how to operate an AED Unit. Evidence shows that using an AED can greatly improve the survival chances of a patient in cardiac arrest. However, an AED is only useful if there are trained people available to use it.
Please be aware we now have an AED Unit installed at each church. St John’s is on the wall to the right of the kitchen door, and St Francis’ is also on the wall by the kitchen door. These sessions will take only about 20 minutes. So let’s make sure everyone knows that the training will be taking place on:

  • Sunday 9 October at St Francis’ after the 8.30am Mass.
  • Sunday 9 October at St John’s after the 10.15am Mass.

Hibiscus Coast Parish Pastoral Care

The Sacrament of Anointing:
The Catholic Church offers the sacrament of Anointing to its members who are seriously sick or frail, undergoing surgery or approaching death. Please don’t hesitate to request anointing for yourself or a family member at these times. 
Please contact Fr Pat, (09) 426 5599 Ext 2, or
If Fr Pat is unavailable please contact Deacon Murray, (09) 424 7465, or Deacon Greg, 027 603 5132.

Hospital Visits and Chaplaincy:
If you or any of your family are a patient at North Shore Hospital or other hospital and wish us to know,
please contact Deacon Murray, (09) 424 7465 or 021 994 703. 
If you would like a visit from a hospital chaplain please let the staff know or phone (09) 358 0825 Ext 1019.

Care and Share:
A caring network in the parish catering to the requirements of the sick, lonely and people in need.
Contact Truus Tinsel - 426 9548.

Ministry to the Sick & Infirm:
Those who are sick or infirm, and who wish to receive Holy Communion in their home or place of residence,
please contact our Communion to the Sick coordinator, Deacon Greg Murphy, 02. 6035132 or

Home Visits:
Fr Peter Gray, a retired priest of Auckland diocese, living in the parish, enjoys visiting parishioners in their homes.
If you would like a visit from him, phone (09) 428 5376.

If you know of anyone who would like the NEWSLETTER emailed to them weekly
let me know their email address.
Perhaps you can think of some non-practising Catholics
who may be interested in at least keeping a small contact this way?

to get the weekly newsletter via your email

Is anyone sick?
Call upon the church community to pray for you (James 5:14).
Please telephone any of the parishioners listed below.
We would love to pray for your intentions in our daily prayers.

Norma McGrath (Coordinator); 424-8460
Maureen Nancarrow; 426 7921
Ursula Taylor; 426 7970
Janet Dimbleby; 427 5850
Kerry Johnson; 424 2854
Raewyn Taylor; 424 1414
Judy Gooding; 424 1008

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